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Success Unlimited: Your Future At Sinai Consulting


  • To satisfy the requirements of employer clients who seek the skills of people who seek new horizons.

The Rewards

  • Virtually unlimited earnings where the potential for success is limited only by your ability, initiative  drive, and desire.

The Organization

  • Sales Consultants is a division of MRINetwork, Inc., the world’s largest search firm. MRINetwork has over 750 franchised offices worldwide and on four continents, of which over 250 are Sales Consultants.


  • MRI’s gross billings are well over $980 million per year. Sales Consultants accounts for $285 million of that total. Sales Consultants is recognized as the nation’s #1 specialist in the sales, sales management and marketing areas. Our slogan says it all: “Finding and placing sales, sales management and marketing talent is our only business.” We place more sales talent than anyone else in the world!

The Economic Basis for Our Business

  • Outstanding talent is the most valuable asset an organization can possess. Hiring talent can be costly. Consider the costs of advertising, pre-screening, telephoning, interviewing, testing, travel, etc. Rarely does an employer hire a qualified candidate on the first try. As the process is repeated, costs escalate rapidly and can far exceed our entire service fee. Not only can we save the employer money, we also provide exceptional candidates who would not be attracted through traditional advertising. We are more cost effective and can do a far better job for employers than they can do for themselves.
How We Can Help


  • Our database and industry knowledge enable us to screen from a larger population and thus bring to the employer’s attention candidates that otherwise might not have been seen.

Professional Expertise

  • As a third party, we are more effective in presenting the employer’s opportunity. As a result, the candidates we select are enthusiastic and pro-sold prior to and during the hiring process.
Your Life As An Account Executive

At Work

  • You’ll enjoy dealing with talent, our nation’s most precious commodity and a universal product every business needs.

As an Industry Specialist

  • You’ll know your industry’s needs and where potential candidates can be found. We help expand your knowledge by providing training and specific, up-to-date marketing information.

As a Company Specialist

  • You will grow and develop with your clients. You’ll get to know them intimately.

As A Part Of A National Organization, You’ll Receive Exclusive Benefits!


  • Unsurpassed in the industry. CD’s, video, and on line training and a one-on-one coach will help to insure your success.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

  • National advertising and public relations have helped Sales Consultants become a household word.


  • To keep you abreast of the developments and achievements in other offices around the world.

Incentive Programs

  • National awards to exotic locations.

Interoffice Referrals

  • Provide you with notification from your counter parts around the globe of job openings in your area and around the world. This system also enables you to serve your client companies globally.


  • We’re not even going to boggle your mind. Ask the office manager to discuss with you the earnings of our Account Executives.
How Do You Measure Up?

We seek extraordinary individuals with the following qualifications

  • People who want remuneration and advancement in direct proportion to their performance.
  • People whose drive to succeed has no limits, and whose initiative will carry them far beyond the goals of the average person.
  • People who are self-starters can work on their own and constantly seek to improve themselves.
  • People eager to learn from the experience of others and who draw on the total resources of an international organization.
  • People who are articulate, aggressive, mentally alert and well organized.
  • People with empathy and strong ego drive.
  • And finally, people who enjoy the prestige earned in their day-to-day dealings with business associates and friends.

If You’re This Kind Of Person, Sales Consultants Is Your Kind Of Organization.

Let’s Talk!

  • Sales Consultants is the leading search and recruiting firm, specializing in finding proven sales, sales management and marketing professionals. We fill more sales and marketing positions annually than any other organization. With over 250 offices, only Sales Consultants has the scope and experience to locate the finest sales professionals for virtually any industry.

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Sales Consultants of Buffalo is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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