Cover Letter Sample


You are conducting an executive search for a __________. My resume is attached for your review. My education and extensive __________ experience fit well with your requirements, and I am available to meet with you at your earliest convenience to further discuss my background.

I bring __________ years of exceptionally successful __________ experience. __________ are key to my continuous success. While keeping the plan aligned with corporate objectives and the organization aligned with the plan, I exploited competitive advantages and market opportunities.

I have skillfully __________. I have a remarkable track record of exceeding quota in both sales and management roles. I offer the following transferable experience to your organization, in addition to your comprehensive inventory of required skills and qualifications:

  • Instinctive ability to lead multiple sales teams and channel partners of all experience levels to geometric growth in sales, personal confidence and customer esteem
  • Ability to recruit top resources, grasp their unique perspective, and focus them to excellence
  • Team Building: Ability to tune motivated Winning Teams: internally, with the client, and with partners
  • Expert financial selling skills: I insist on Defining and Articulating the ROI of the solution
  • Strong relationship selling skills internally, with partners and customers
  • Knowing the Client: Why customers buy and the client’s current market condition
  • Comprehend the competition's product, sales strategy and personnel
  • Understanding of the larger business perspective for both internal and external selling
  • Acknowledge of the criticality of timely and accurate forecasting
  • Proven Talent to construct complex transactions to maximize profitability and odds of success

I bring all of the above and more to a corporation who can offer me an opportunity that meets our mutual requirements. I derive satisfaction from keeping experienced sales teams focused on continual improvement and growth. I take pride in having __________. My ability to __________ is my greatest strength. Strategic vision for a successful __________ is my second most important asset. I appreciate your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you.


Your name

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