Interview Preparation

  • Evaluate if the candidate can do the job.
  • Does the candidate have the desired background and qualifications to do the job?
  • Does the candidate want the job?
  • Does the candidate fit my culture?
Describe the Duties & Responsibilities in Detail
  • Point out the characteristics of the idea candidate.
  • Why Open
  • Promotion
  • Expansion, Transfer, Role out of new product
  • Termination or Resignation
What is the No. 1 Priority of the Position?
  • Relationship Building
  • New Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Target Accounts
  • Supervision
What Challenges are to Overcome?
  • Competition
  • Quota
  • Underdeveloped Territory
  • Products
Prepare a Mental Checklist of Candidates’ Qualifications
  • If the candidate isn’t a match for the job, it’s OK to tell the candidate NO.
  • If the candidate is a match for the job, schedule the next interview.
  • If you are undecided, ask probing questions to rule out or take to the next step.
Sell to the Candidate’s Hot Buttons
  • Opportunity – Career enhancement, Future growth
  • Yourself – What attracted you? What keeps you? Your next step?
  • Company – Why your company? What is unique?
  • Confirm or Reconfirm the Candidate’s Interest!
  • If negative – tell the candidate there is no further interest.
  • If positive – tell the candidate the next step.
  • If undecided – Ask probing questions.
  • Candidate’s income history
  • Income requirements
  • Affordability
Offer Process (Avoid Turndown)
  • How Extended
  • By Whom
  • When
  • Time Frame for Acceptance
  • Start Date
  • Pre-employment Requirements
  • Reference Checks
  • Assessment Profiles
  • Drug Screening
  • Physical
  • Resignation
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